Advantages of Ski Rental

Renting sports equipment has countless advantages, from the convenient arrival with little luggage to saving money.

Renting sports equipment has numerous advantages. From a comfortable journey with little luggage to saving money. Make use of our extensive services today!

Who doesn’t know this story? Grabbing the old skis and boots from the cellar, realising the boots don’t fit the children anymore, the skis are no longer cool and the edges are all rusty. Then you spend a fortune on new material, spend forever tediously packing the gear… and all of a sudden the holiday has already got off to a bumpy start.

That’s yesterday’s problem! Today, sports equipment can be rented. You can do it online or directly with us in the shop. Welcome to the world of INTERSPORT PLANER


For the price conscious.

Solid all mountain skis guaranteed to make every piste fun. More Info…

For the adventurous.

With the premium skis you set the right turns!
Very good material, convincing design and a large selection of excellent models.

For the ambitious.

The best is just good enough for you? These high-performance models are of high quality and offer the most innovative technologies.

Rental Pricelist

in Euro (€)
1 Tag2 Tage3 Tage4 Tage5 Tage6/7 Tage8 Tage9 Tage10 Tage11 Tage12 Tage13/14 Tage
Economy Ski/SNB2644617894106118130142154166178
Premium Ski305782105126145163181199217235253
Superior Ski366898126152176199222245268291314
Kids Ski/SNB132230.5394753596571778389
Kids Ski/SNB Shoes61115182022242629313335
Adult Ski/SNB Shoes122230364044485258626670
Touring Ski + Fur32547698115132147162177192207222
Touring Set4076108136160179193211229247265283
Touring Sticks51015202530
Touring Shoes162940485458
Rental Customer Depot24567891011121314
Ski/Shoes Depot4811141721232527293133
Crosscountry Set152635435259646974798489
Crosscountry Ski112028354249556167737985
Crosscountry Shoes91520253035394347515559
Fun Equipment2443607793105117129141153165177
Fun Equipment Set30547592107118133148163178193208
Child carrier81420253035404550556065

Advantages At First Glance

  • 50% discount for children younger than 14 years
  • Comfortable travelling with little baggage
  • Children younger than 10 years are free (when the parents rent ski or snowboard equipment, the children receive complete ski equipment (skis, boots, poles and helmet) for the same amount of time at no extra price)
  • Free option to change equipment (within the same class category)
  • Test & Buy Option: First test, then buy
  • Ski for 7 days, pay for 6
  • Depot next to the lift